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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

8 September 2004 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. Dr Hagelin’s simple words of greatest wisdom in the introduction should be enough for anyone with the slightest intelligence to live life beyond problems and above the reach of suffering.
‘I am prepared to answer any questions the press has gathered from their readers. With utter simplicity and infinite depth of wisdom Dr Hagelin, the President of the Peace Government in the USA, has expressed the knowledge of the Unified Field. The Unified Field is a recent discovery for the world of science, but is eternal for those familiar with the Vedic knowledge of total Natural Law.

‘When we say “eternal” we mean an infinite number of years. It is only a matter of education. Today in very simple words, Dr Hagelin said that the human body is the home of the Veda—the home of total Natural Law, the home of the Constitution of the Universe. He said everyone has the right—the birthright—to live that inner reality of infinity of knowledge and infinity of all possible action. The administrative efficiency of the Constitution of the Universe is there within the body of everyone.
‘We have a technique to light the lamp, and therefore we have opened our shop in the open market. So many things are being sold in the market. Now we say, “Be yourself, and you will rule the world.” Here is an invitation from the field of knowledge. Here is an invitation from the light of God, from total Natural Law, the total intelligence of the ever-expanding universe, for everyone to live life on that level.
‘Our programme to have Vedic Universities everywhere is the basis of the Peace Government. It is not only the basis of the Peace Government; its influence is the effect of the Peace Government. Quietly, from its own self-referral nature, total Natural Law, the Unified Field, creates everything, sets everything in the evolutionary direction, and takes everything to the supreme level of evolution, which is the light of God, the field of all possibilities. This is how we envision life for all our children in this generation and in the forthcoming generations.
‘The task is very simple. There was a time when the darkness of night was everywhere. So someone came out with the knowledge of electricity. Then powerhouses were built here, there, and everywhere. Now the night is no longer lived in darkness. A lot has been achieved and more and more is being achieved. The situation with everyone’s life is like that. As the inner potential of creative intelligence is enlivened within man, he naturally comes to live in an evolutionary direction.
‘It is a matter of who gets what in life. The life of children depends on what parents are able to give to their children, and on what schoolteachers are able to give to their students. Either they are satisfied with suffering, or they avert the suffering before they have to face it. We are opening schools and colleges everywhere.
‘I want to give a very beautiful picture to the world press today. We see that we have so many countries, and each country has so much land here and there. I ask each government to allocate a few hectares or a few acres of land. We will open our schools, and the children will awaken their full creative intelligence—total Natural Law.
‘We want to give the children total knowledge of Natural Law. It is possible to do so because the Unified Field has been discovered by the different disciplines of modern science, and the Atma has been discovered within man. Through Vedic Education one has an enormous capability to gain knowledge and to perform any action one likes.
‘The world press will enjoy hearing that in Vedic Education, we can give Total Knowledge in one word. And we can keep on elaborating that one word day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. The concentrated value of Total Knowledge and infinite creativity are in one word. Then we can elaborate on that word with any length of expansion. This is the central point of the Vedic Universities which we are going to establish everywhere—Total Knowledge in one word.
‘Total Knowledge is available in a class in one word, in one minute, one period, one day, one week, one month, one year, four years, ten years, and one lifetime. This is the Vedic system of educating people to use the total creativity and total intelligence with which they are born.
‘This is the specialty of Vedic wisdom—Total Knowledge in one word, and then the one word expanding all the time. This system is not like the system where you take chemistry, physics or a little biology. There you take some little thing, and then go deeper and deeper into it until you are lost in the small values of knowledge.

‘ “Veda” means knowledge. “Vedic Education” means education of Total Knowledge. If a boy comes today, and has only one day to live, the teacher gives him one word, and he gives that one word to him one hundred times, a thousand times—a little more elaborated, a little more elaborated, a little more elaborated—so he receives Total Knowledge. It is a different system.
‘In comparison to this, the present system of knowledge is a system of gaining ignorance. As you know one thing, you become more aware of a greater knowledge of the unknown. You gain knowledge in one year and the more you study in the class, the more you know that whatever you have known is very little. There is always more to know. This means the present, modern system of education, with all its glory, increases ignorance more than knowledge.
‘Make a record of it today, dear press, and keep announcing to your readers that the present system of education, when seen for its value, increases ignorance more than knowledge. In contrast to this, Vedic Education delivers Total Knowledge first and then elaborates the knowledge to the environment more and more. What is happening in this system? Knowledge is increasing. First, Total Knowledge is there in its point value, and then it increases to its surroundings.

‘The Vedic system of education gives knowledge day by day, and takes away ignorance more and more, day by day. The existing system of knowledge, with all its glory, increases ignorance more than knowledge. It is a laboratory for increasing ignorance, where ignorance is cooked up. You cook ignorance, and you serve ignorance more than knowledge.

‘Should the little, younger ones be exposed to knowledge more and more, or should they be exposed to ignorance more and more? Ask them what they would like to have for their generation and for the forthcoming generations

Question: Curriculum of a Vedic School

Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, would you please describe the curriculum of the typical Vedic School? I understand that meditation will be part of the study, but what else will the students learn during their school day? How will the curriculum of a Vedic School differ from an existing school, and how will it be the same?’ 

Maharishi: ‘Existing schools do not express totality of knowledge in language or in number systems. The number system is arithmetic, mathematics. At present no one teaches the students what zero is. In the number system in Vedic Mathematics, zero is taught first. Then a zero is added with some vertical line here, some horizontal line there, but the zero is intact.
‘In Vedic Education, Vedic Mathematics gives the understanding of nothingness, of zero, just the zero. Who else in the world tells children anything about the zero? No one, neither the A, B, C classes nor the Ph.D. classes. Where is the zero? Totality is absent in the modern system of education.
‘Now do you want to hear more mystery about it? The mystery is when you say zero, and then you translate it in its own language. “Unmanifest” is the word. Zero is explained in terms of unmanifest. Just as zero contains everything in numbers, the unmanifest value of the zero—that means the nothingness of the zero—is everything outside the zero.
‘For example, you give the child a banyan seed which is hollow inside. Then you explain that this is a seed, and the hollowness inside is the unmanifest. You explain what is there which is unmanifest, “You see, there is nothing; it’s unmanifest.” Vedic Science investigates into what it is that is unmanifest, and comes out with a word, and discloses all the mystery about nothingness. The word is “memory”, the Sanskrit word is “Smriti”.

‘What is inside the hollowness of the seed? Smriti is inside the unmanifest seed. Then you elaborate on the Smriti. “Smriti” means memory. Memory of what? Memory of whatever was before. You can have a memory only of something that was before, so what was before the seed? The whole tree was before the seed. From the tree, the seed came out. Within the seed, the memory of the whole tree is there in the hollowness of the seed, in the unmanifest value of the seed. This is a scientific investigation into the unseen reality. And this is what discovery means.
‘Where in the world is there a school or a Ph.D. class in any university that tells the boys of zero? Zero is just the hollowness of the seed. This is an example of giving the knowledge of the totality of nothingness, and from within the totality of nothingness, you begin to show how nothingness is expressed. This is the science of investigation. Step by step, you unfold the Smriti, the memory.
‘The whole Vedic Literature is known as Shruti—something that is heard. What is heard? That which was not heard. In the unmanifest value, nothing was heard. Now, when it starts to be heard, what is heard first is “A”. “A” is a sound, a syllable, a stream which carries within it a flow of memories. This memory is just the unfoldment of the memory which is called education. The most beautiful part of it is that you expose the child to the ocean of memory where memories are not separate, but are together the drops of the ocean or the waves of the ocean. They are not separated out; they are all one unified ocean of Being.
‘This system of education is Total Knowledge. From this Total Knowledge, you expand into the infinity of knowledge. The world has missed this because the Vedic Literature was so badly understood by the people. There is Yoga in the Vedic Literature, Karma Mimamsa in the Vedic Literature, Vedanta in the Vedic Literature, and Ayurveda in the Vedic Literature. The whole thing is in terms of words, words, words. However all these are the offshoots of the unmanifest value—of the zero value.
‘When you have a zero, what happens? In the Vedic Literature, when you write the number one, then in order to write one, you have to write a zero, and then draw a vertical line. This is number one which is the extension of zero. This is the holistic value. Every field of this number system, or the system of words—alphabets and consonants, etc.—is very systematically evolving its structure, function, and utilization.
‘When we say, “Total Knowledge first”, it is not just a slogan. There is something very real to start with. At every stage of development the reality expands and expands. Knowledge is expanding—Total Knowledge first, and then the expansion of knowledge. . . .

‘Life cannot be measured in terms of money or anything, only by its own value of infinity.
‘Our offer is simple. We take delight in offering it, and those who want can take it now. Those who are stubborn, doesn’t matter, life is there. Their children’s life is their life. It is up to them now. Vedic Science is a very beautiful science of knowledge—a supreme science of knowledge.

Question: The Vedic System of Earning

Dr Hagelin: ‘The crisis of stress in the workplace continues to escalate at an alarming rate. An article this week in the New York Times reported that US business and industry lose over $300 billion each year in health care costs of workdays missed due to the debilitating effects of stress. The problem, say many business people, is that they have to work too hard—too many days, too many hours a day, and too many days a week, with too much pressure—just to pay their bills. What changes would Maharishi recommend in the workplace and in the entire economic system to make business a more human-friendly profession? In other words, how can people make the money they need to have a life of security and comfort without ruining their health and their life doing it?’

Maharishi: Take a lesson from the animals. Where is money in the world of monkeys? And where is money in the world of ants or elephants? It is a big misnomer. It is only a network of ignorance.
‘The Vedic system of earning is to stimulate total Natural Law in our desire to have anything. Total Natural Law obeys our commandment in the Vedic system of culturing the mind. To culture your mind take your awareness to the source of thought. From that field of unmanifest nothingness, the memory of everything wakes up in your awareness. Then infinite creative intelligence supports your desires, actions, and behaviour.
‘Transcendental Meditation trains the mind to consciously start a thought from the the self-referral Unified Field, the field of total Natural Law within oneself. From there, we fulfil a desire. It is a different philosophy. . . .
‘You can train your mind so total Natural Law, which runs the universe, is helpful in fulfilling your desires. The proof of this is in Yogic Flying. You invite the power of gravity at that moment, and the power of gravity says, “Yes sir, I am here for you.” With your invitation to the power of gravity, immediately the power of gravity serves your call. If you want the body to lift up, the body immediately lifts up.
‘This is a proof. We are not talking fanciful words. Vedic Education is a practical field of education. We have seen that present education increases ignorance more than knowledge. Vedic Education increases knowledge all the time, until you have access to the total knowledge of creativity—the infinite creativity of Natural Law. It is a different thing, but that is our offer. Take it and enjoy, or if you don’t take it today, tomorrow you’ll take it, or the third day you’ll take it.’

Question: Brain Physiology and Enlightenment

Dr Hagelin: ‘When a student graduates from your system of Consciousness-Based Education, and lives in enlightenment and fulfilment, what should this graduate choose to do for his adult life?’

Maharishi: Then begins life. Whatever he would like, that will come true for him. He’ll find a red carpet in any direction he wants to go, for anything he chooses to achieve. He’ll be capable of steering the course of life as he wishes. Wherever he wants to land on the other side, he will be able to land. He will be able to live life as he wants, without worries, without problems, without tension, without suffering. Then in right earnest, life begins.
‘This is an educated life, not the life of the ignorant. If he goes through Vedic Education, then he is an educated man. If he suffers in life, he has not gone through proper education.
‘It is very good, remarkable thing. You can rule the world, rule the universe. You will be served by all the planets. Everything will be at your disposal.’






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