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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

11 May 2005 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. I was enjoying Dr Hagelin’s expressions. He has taken the problem-ridden world step by step to the level of a problem-free world. Thank you very much, Dr Hagelin. You have introduced to the world something that is going to be opening the gates of a new civilization, as you have beautifully expressed.
‘Now our efforts are on two levels. One is holistic, as we have been saying, for the total population of the world—how many will be needed and all that. This is the holistic approach which will purify the entire world consciousness. Another approach we have decided during this week is that we adopt some two or three countries. We have adopted some three, four different countries of not very small populations, but some substantial population.
‘There has proved to be some increased holistic positivity overall in these two, three weeks, ever since we asked the world press to tell us what positive events are happening here and there. For these two weeks, three weeks, the press reports have been indicating some positivity rising here and there. Then I thought, “Why not take a few countries on the individual level?”
‘These three, four, five countries are being set up to rise to invincibility. They are substantial countries—not to name them just now. In one or two weeks, when some more preparations have been made and more substantial numbers of Yogic Flyers are there, then we will announce to the world that these are the two, three, four, five countries that individually are rising to invincibility.
‘Now the world press will be happy to not only have some little signs of sunshine through the clouded areas of the world—some little patches of sunshine—but also some deeper sunshine in some three, four, five countries very soon. This is one great good news. 

‘When I am adopting some countries to raise them to invincibility, I am withdrawing all my interest from one country. I declared this three, four days ago, and I am now telling the world press that I have withdrawn my activity from Britain. . . .
‘I am not going to feed Britain with those values which are produced through the Transcendental Meditation Technique. All the scientific research that Dr Hagelin has been telling me about from week to week, and even now today, shows that TM increases life span and reduces cancer. So I do not want to increase the life span of the destroyer of the world.
‘Therefore, I am very happy to withdraw my interest and close my movement in Great Britain. This was three, four days ago. This beautiful knowledge, this nectar, cannot be given to those who are destroyers of the world. . . . This beautiful nectar is not for the dragon, so that he can swallow the world.  

‘I want to let it go down in history that when I am adopting countries to make them invincible, I am refusing the nectar tablets from being wasted to feed the destroyers of the world. This programme is to bring invincibility. I must withdraw from the destructive policy of Great Britain. I must withdraw. I cannot support life and long life and healthy life and more creativity in a country which is destroying the world. 

‘Let the world press take notice of it. Dr Hagelin, you can inform the world press that I enjoy their reports of the good things that are happening here and there. That I appreciate, that I expected, that I am creating in the world. At the same time, there is something which I must reject and denounce, so I have withdrawn my efforts from Great Britain. I have put my sole parental role in three, four, five countries, and in the whole family of nations. Things are going to be better and better. But there is something which is chronic. When there is no hope, let them go where they want to go. 

‘That is one new thing in my planning—adopting three, four countries and rejecting one country. This is the effectiveness of the programme. When the programme is so effective, then it is my responsibility to not feed those who are destroyers of the world. As with a snake or a scorpion, you cannot afford to feed the scorpion, because the more healthy the scorpion becomes, the more sting will come to life. We have no plan to destroy, but we can quietly withdraw our positive support from a country. Now the press will find more negativity rising in Britain, because whatever candle lights were lit up have been extinguished


Question: The Global Peace Government and Nuclear Non-proliferation

Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, there are some questions from the press that may be worth addressing in this context. The first question has to do with nuclear non-proliferation. There is a stalemate in the international talks that are now being held at the United Nations in New York to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. On the one hand, the five or more nations that currently possess nuclear weapons seem determined to prevent other countries from getting these weapons, even though these same nuclear states are updating and modernizing their own nuclear weapons arsenals. No one seems to have a solution to this impasse. What can the new organization of scientists—the Global Peace Government—offer the delegates in New York and the world leaders who are stuck in this dangerous nuclear stalemate?’ 

‘What has happened recently on the world horizon is that the traditional, ancient race—the Vedic families in India—have recognized some of their dignity, some of their glory, some of their infinite strength in their silence—in their silent operations of the Yagyas and the Graha Shantis. These are the operations of the silent nature of the cosmic creative intelligence of Natural Law.
‘Natural Law, when we examine it, is a field of all possibilities. It has the capability of total destruction. It has the practicality of total saving.

‘What has happened in these days? Some Indian Vedic people have come to know that Pakistan, overnight, with its nuclear weapons, can create fire in the neighbouring provinces of India and destroy that northern part of India which is close to Pakistan—completely overnight. Pakistan has that much nuclear power.
‘With this, the border provinces of India are quietly alert. They are starting to wake up to their responsibility that they have that magical knowledge of creating highly intensified coherence in world consciousness through the Yagyas and through the Yogic performances of these Yogic Flyers. It is all a Vedic thing.
‘These Vedic technologies can be quietly performed in their own homes, in their own colonies. They can melt the destructive forces of Pakistan’s electronic weapons into nothing by changing the quality of consciousness of the administrators of Pakistan. The administrators of Pakistan will never be able to think of using their arsenals to destroy.
‘This has happened within these few days and this is happening now. A whisper has gone around in the northern provinces of India. This is far, far away from the intelligence of the Indian government, whose defence strategies are still with weapons and warfare. When they want to save Nepal, they are giving arms to Nepal. This is India’s government: when they want to save Nepal, they think, “Nepal is our good friend,” and they supply arms to Nepal. That means on the governmental level of India, India is still following the destroyers’ policy in the world. 

‘But India is not characterized today by the Indian government. Vedic Pandits have the Vedic technology of total knowledge of Natural Law, the technology of total creativity of cosmic intelligence which governs the universe with perfect order, the Vedic technology which eternally manages order in the infinite diversity of the universe. That technology the Vedic Pandits have. Whatever level they have is enough to save the world from destruction.

‘The Vedic Pandits are coming out. Though I have been inviting them for fifty years, they did not wake up. But now they know there is no power in the world that can save them, that can save their families, that can save their country, that can save their world. They have been always holding, “The world is my family—‘Vasudaiva Katum Bhakam.’ ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina’—all be happy.” These have been the sayings and the words, but now they know that Pakistan can turn them into ashes overnight because Pakistan has those nuclear weapons which can wash off their existence from northern India. They do not have long-range missiles, but the missiles have enough range to destroy the near provinces. Now, the Pandits are waking up. . . .
‘Now, they are starting to wake up, and Yagyas will be soon. Big, big Yagyas will be done. Yagyas are the procedures of Vedic performances in order to neutralize the negativity in the collective consciousness and replace negativity by strong, indomitable positivity and coherence. Then there will be coherent national consciousness all over.
‘This coherence is created by the Vedic Pandits from the transcendental field of consciousness. Veda is the reality. “Veda” means Total Knowledge—Total Knowledge and its organizing power. Total Knowledge and its infinite organizing power are on the level of the transcendental field of consciousness, which is beyond relativity. It is a field of absolute. That is why it is indestructible, invincible, and unattackable. That is the level of performance of the Vedic Pandits. . . .

‘Indian Vedic Pandits are now waking up. Their performance of the Yagyas, Mahayagyas, and Graha Shanti—these Vedic performances—are going to create Sattwa, coherence in Indian consciousness.
‘They are going to create this in Indian consciousness on the level of the transcendental field. It is not a field which can be disturbed by anyone. This whole technology of defence is an absolute technology. No one can damage it. These simple performances of the Yagyas are a specialty of the most peaceful, self-referral level of consciousness. The Vedic Pandits are waking up, and they are quietly creating these effects.
‘In the Vedic field, the effect begins with a resolution. Once you have taken a resolution to do something, even before you start the performance, the resolution has the influence of starting to fulfil the beginning stages of the resolution. It is a different science of life; it is not the science of physical values.

‘Now the Vedic Pandits are waking up. They will trigger the magic of cosmic law. They will trigger the magic of the Will of God. Two-thousand years of suffering has been enough for the world. The Vedic Pandits are rising to bring back to life their real nature. The real nature of life is bliss. “Anandadhyevo Kalvimani Bhutani Jayante,” out of Ananda, out of bliss, creation is born, in Ananda it is sustained. These are the realities at the basis of all life. And having possession of this knowledge, we are roaring like a lion.
‘It does not matter, whatever is the intensity of darkness, it is within our easy reach to put on the lamp, without fighting with the darkness and without opposing the darkness. It is not a matter of having rallies for this party or that party. The whole of life is being lived on a very superficial level. India, with its heritage of the Vedic Knowledge, does not deserve to be torn apart like that.
‘Indian Vedic Pandits are rising up. There has been a lot of mud created in all these very beautiful, pure procedures. We are purifying the procedures. Now it will not be very long before the world will have a beautiful sunshine of all positivity, great coherence, indomitable Sattwa, and indomitable coherence. That is our effort.
‘It is showing some results. As the days pass, every day will add more and more. Time is going to be different. Even these warring people are coming together and talking nicely. We do not reject that attitude; we take it to be the positivity rising. Positivity is rising. The force of positivity is in the hands of the Vedic Knowledge.
‘Vedic Knowledge is the tradition of the Vedic Pandits. There is a lot of mix-up that has to be sorted out due to many centuries of foreign rule in India. Even now, the foreign rule is continuing, but it does not matter. Now there is some sense of awakening in the Vedic families. Whatever mud has been gathered during these two, three centuries of foreign domination in India, the Vedic Pandits are now going to purify from the fundamental value of consciousness, the transcendental level of consciousness. All the procedures are there, tried out, and found to be useful. It is the Vedic Pandits that are going to create that magic wand in favour of everyone. It will go in favour of everyone.
‘We are extending not only our hope, but now, from the last month or so, the effect. We are promoting the effect. The effect, I said today, is coming up from the level of the Vedic civilization, the Vedic mode of activity, the Vedic mode of behaviour, which is silently infinite creative intelligence. Silently, it is infinite creative intelligence. Silently, it is the cosmic intelligence that governs the ever-expanding universe. We have that knowledge, and we are whispering it out. The whisper has started to purify. To whatever extent it is being promoted, its influence has started to be visible here and there.
‘These reports of yours, Dr Hagelin, that you bring out are very encouraging to us. The future of all life in the world depends on our policies and programmes. We extend hope by creating the effect—not verbal hopes. Our strength is not in what we say, our strength is in what we produce.
‘Now is our time to start producing. Only we would want to produce it overnight. We are trying to do everything that is possible in our field. We are doing everything, and we would like to do everything that can be most possible.
‘The awakening is there in the Vedic Pandits of India, and this awakening is due to fear. Fear has grabbed them—a neighbour has all the destructive capability, so they have to destroy the destructive intention of the neighbour. . . .
‘This fear of the destruction of the civilization has woken up the Vedic Pandits. It is not a matter of proclamation or publicity. It is not a matter of publicity, but it is a matter of the effect that is going to come. In all the provinces of India which are neighbours to Pakistan, Pandits are getting alerted. They are starting on the Yagya Programme, but they have to be fast. Out of fear, they have now to compulsorily take on their own Dharma.
‘The Dharma of the Vedic Pandits is to do the Karma of Yagya. The situation is now inspiring the custodians of that beautiful knowledge that can create an effect overnight, which is a million times more than the destructive effect that any destroyer can ever

‘Extend the hope to the world, Dr Hagelin, and tell the press to keep on bringing all such good news year after year. We want to hear soon from the world press that everything is done. The world press will bring the “eureka” of a new civilization of peace, prosperity, happiness, and invincibility for every nation. Beautiful. 



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