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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

25 August 2004 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks 

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. The world press should inform their readers to go by the greatest scientist of the world today, who has insight into the ultimate reality of life. They should tell the people of the world, the rulers and the ruled, that the time of conflict and problems should be over soon. The problems in every nation, which every government and governed people are facing, will soon be over.
I am in a hurry. Every day I am thinking, “How soon could the key be turned?” We have the key. It is taking time to turn the key completely, and I want to shorten the time of turning the key and opening the bright sunshine for the destiny of all mankind.  

Today Dr Hagelin has very brilliantly announced the national administrators of the Global Country of World Peace. In that, Dr Hagelin has very silently, humbly, effectively, and positively placed before me and the First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, His Majesty Raja Raam, a desire to be faster than we have been till now.

I accept the request, Dr Hagelin, and in consultation with Raja Raam, His Majesty Raja Raam, the ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, I will announce one hundred and eight Rajas in the next world press conference. I will organize this between today and tomorrow. I will train the Rajas, the rulers of the Peace Government, under the guidance of the greatest scientist in this scientific age, who has insight into the most ancient Vedic Science, the science of Veda, the Total Knowledge of total Natural Law which governs the universe with perfect order and brings about evolution to everyone. 

You must have heard Dr Hagelin today, otherwise, hear the tape again, and make note of his one word: “sequential evolution”. He emphasized the word “sequential”. This is science of evolution. And the science of evolution is the science of administration for all evolution. And evolution has been defined today by Dr Hagelin, in one word, “sequential”. 

From where does this word come? It comes from the assimilated knowledge of Dr Hagelin. The Unified Field sequentially brings everything that is in the field of diversity to the infinite field of diversity—from unity to diversity. But the key point in it is sequential. If you miss the sequence, that means you miss your highway to the goal, and you get sidetracked in the footpaths. Sequential is the flow of Total Knowledge.  

Sequential is the flow of Total Knowledge: from unity to diversity, from diversity to unity. From unity to diversity, from diversity to unity moves the flow of life—evolution from point to infinity. We can also, with equal emphasis, call that to be dissolution. When we say “unity to diversity”, we can look at it in terms of evolution or in terms of dissolution. From the totality of Natural Law to infinite variety of Natural Law, and from infinite variety of Natural Law to unity of Natural Law, the pendulum of life swings from infinity to infinity—infinity of unity to infinity of diversity. So it’s infinity to infinity—infinity to infinity.  

In the art and science of administration, the administrator does something to the administered so that his life swings sequentially from unity to diversity, from diversity to unity. He begins to live best of both—best of unity, best of diversity. To make available to every individual the best in every field is the skill of administration. That is the administration of the Peace Government of the universe. This was the message of Dr Hagelin today on the ground of Vedic Science—science of knowledge.

We are going to appoint the custodians of this knowledge. Of course we will train them, but from our side, we are going to appoint the administrators of the Peace Government.  

Money is not a consideration. The people who I am going to appoint and train as the administrators of Peace Government: many of them may be rich, many of them may be poor, but they will be rich in knowledge. They will radiate totality of infinity and totality of unity.  

This is what we are going to do. Next week, we are going to announce the embodiments of knowledge. I can say this because the knower is the embodiment of knowledge. Infinity flows through his speech, through his action. The flow of infinity is an inevitable flow with a characteristic quality of invincibility. Every government has to be grounded in this supreme level of effectiveness of administration.  

This will be the gift of His Majesty Raja Raam to all the national Rajas, who will be announced next week to the world press. Three or four people will be announced for each place, and on the basis of their performance, one of them will be finally declared to be the Raja. We want to do it quickly. There is no time to waste on talking; we have talked enough. Now is the time to show effectiveness, show the results. 

Next week Dr Hagelin will announce a very concrete, stabilized picture of the global structure of the Government of Peace. We want to move fast now.

Question: Peace Government and Rajas

Dr Hagelin: The this first question from the global press is based on Maharishi’s comment last week: “I received a press release this week which announced that His Highness Raja Dean, who is now the Raja of Washington, D.C., will be promoting permanent world peace from the U.S. capital city. Would Maharishi explain what a Raja is, and what Raja Dean will do to create peace?”

Maharishi: “Raj” means kingdom. A “Raja” means the owner of the kingdom. An example is a family: the parents are owners of the family. Parents have a loving, caring, and supporting parental relationship with their children. A Raja is supposed to have Total Knowledge, and his relationship with the people of his kingdom is to impart the Total Knowledge.

A Raja is like a father of the nation. He nourishes the children by caring for everything for them. The supreme level of care lies in introducing Total Knowledge to the children. This Total Knowledge will be their guiding light for life, enabling them to achieve what they want and not have to face problems, sickness, and suffering. Then there will be harmony in the individual life on the ground of fulfilment, affluence, and coherence in national consciousness. 

The Raja is an administrator with a parental role for his Raj. This is what “Raja” means. His parental role is to support the children of his kingdom and make them so competent, healthy, wealthy, and wise that they will always be the guiding light of their environment—the bright, shining light for the destiny of all the people. . . . The only way to throw out the darkness is to quietly bring the light. This is a very royal way of re-establishing peace, prosperity, order, and affluence in every nation. . . .

‘That is why I had to choose a word which will correspond with the very natural, caring property of the parents: Raja—Raja Raam. “Raam” means totality of knowledge—that is Brahm. “Raam” is defined as Brahm. And Raam Raj, the kingdom of Raam, is defined as having no suffering for anyone, "Ram Raj Dukh Kahu Na Vyapa". This will only be on the basis of the administrators giving knowledge of total Natural Law to every child.’

Question: Peace Government Participation

Dr Hagelin: Maharishi said last week that “people who want to live in peace, with all its advantages, will come with the Peace Government.” My question is: How do people who want to live in peace and not destruction, and who want to follow a government that works for peace, join the Peace Government? What does it take to join and be a member?’ 

Maharishi: Every man who has a pain wants to run out of pain. Anyone who is a failure wants to come out of failure. This is natural tendency, because the nature of life is bliss—to enjoy health, immortality, and perfection.

This is the nature of life. However, during the time of education, children are not told: a flower blossoms on the basis of the abstract sap; success comes, in the field of action, on the basis of intelligence; the galactic universe runs most effectively and efficiently, and promotes evolution of everything all the time, because Natural Law permeates everything in the universe.
Something that is all-pervading and beyond space and time is transcendental. Because it is transcendental it is not known. There is a proverb, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Because of that, transcendental consciousness is not known, but that is the basis. The sap is the basis of the well-being of everything in the tree. If one doesn’t bother about the sap, and only bothers about the leaf or the flowers or fruit, then the basis of good leaves, good flowers, and good fruit is missing.  

It is a universal principle throughout the world in any country: there is only one way to make all kinds of trees flourish and blossom. In every country—all different languages, all different climates—there is but one process for nourishing all the leaves and flowers of all the different trees. That process is the profession of a gardener. And what is that? Just put a bucketful of water at the root. The one formula is to put a bucketful of water at the root to nourish thousands of leaves and flowers in millions of varieties of trees. The care of the transcendental field of consciousness is like that.

There is one operation: bring awareness to one, basic, transcendental area for the blossoming of all the different people, whether they are in the North Pole, South Pole, or at the equator—wherever—whether they are Americans, Britishers, Germans, French, Indians, or Chinese. Whoever they may be, there is one formula for everyone: take your awareness to your own source of thought.  

Thousands of thoughts arise from somewhere. From where do they arise? They arise from the field of silence, from a field everywhere, and they are nourished from their source. But this knowledge is not given to the children. So children do not know how to satisfy all areas of their daily life. Therefore, all this little selfishness, etc. arises and children are completely drowned in limitations of time and space. That is why we have all this destruction and all these negative sentiments, actions, and thoughts. We are only missing one level that would satisfy all fields of life everywhere.

Realizing this, we are opening universities—Vedic Universities. “Vedic University” means university of Veda—university of Total Knowledge. Where is Total Knowledge? It resides in the transcendent, and in the text of the Veda. The Veda is not studied from the text because the meaning part of it—Veda mantra—depends upon the level of consciousness of the person. “Level of consciousness” means how awake he is—fifty percent awake or forty percent awake or ninety percent drowsy or ten percent drowsy. Human intelligence depends upon how awake one’s consciousness is.  

However consciousness has not been taught; it’s not a subject in the universities, colleges, and schools—consciousness is not a subject. Therefore, the basic route for the blossoming of all values of life in perfection is lacking. Education is lacking, fragmented, and not total. Education is only informative about this, and that. How many pieces of information can you have? There are millions of things in the universe.  

That is why Vedic Education focuses on Total Knowledge first. Gain Total Knowledge and open your awareness to the field of Total Knowledge. Then as constituents of this Total Knowledge, you can roam about in different fields of knowledge. But you will be satisfied when you have the total perspective of knowledge. With that, your action will be supported by Total Knowledge. That’s what we say: supported by Natural Law, by the Unified Field. 

In the Upanishads, which are part of Vedic Literature, there is a saying, “Know that by knowing which everything is known.” Now, in this scientific age, we say, “Know the Unified Field.” By knowing the Unified Field, you will come to realize different aspects of the Unified Field as constituents of the Unified Field. Then you will be in possession of Total Knowledge, but you will also have the advantage of knowing the different fields of knowledge as well.  

Our parental role for the present generation, and for all generations, is being established with this system of Rajas. We have seen in these fifty years in the world, we’ve been telling the people to introduce this thing in education, health, and everything, but it fell on deaf ears. 

This is what led us to have our own administrators to administer our knowledge. Our influence will be like the influence of a lighted lamp to eliminate the whole area of darkness. This is the only thing. . . . We have our own government, a lighted lamp, and we increase the light by increasing candles all around it. Very soon, the Peace Government will create a peaceful society.  

The result will be that all these governments will never change. I have already begun to hear that some presidents quietly say, “What can I do to continue remaining president?” My answer to them is: Have a parental role for your people, and they will always hang onto you. But, if you are not capable of handling their well-being in every way, they will find a new parent for the next four years. You cannot avoid it. But you can satisfy them with this education of Total Knowledge. 

We don’t have to say much; all the intelligent people understand what we are saying. I am always thinking how soon it can be done, because we know how to put on the light, but still we see we are surrounded with darkness. What can I do? We establish our own network of enlightened people and train them.

At the basis of the career of a Raja are two things: one thing is the field of Total Knowledge, which can be imparted just in a few days, or weeks, because we have that knowledge; the other thing is that they must live in homes which are built according to Vastu Vidya, the knowledge of Vastu in the Vedic Literature. The knowledge of Vastu is according to the cosmic law, for which there are several important values: the entrance should be on the north, the slope should be on the east, and water should be on the east—all these and a few more things. People must live in those houses in order that their cosmic desires are fulfilled, in order to be supported by the almighty power of Natural Law. They should be supported by the Unified Field, which is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. 

Living in proper buildings and in the all-time awareness of Total Knowledge, the transcendental field, are two aspects. We have to put our administrators everywhere, and then the world cannot miss a bright fortune in any future generation.

Question: Role of Compassion and Service

Dr Hagelin: Maharishi spoke beautifully last week about the importance of compassion and service for one’s fellow man for gaining good luck in life. But what role does it play in gaining enlightenment? If the experience of Transcendental Consciousness is the basis of gaining higher states of consciousness, then what is the role of compassion and service on the path to enlightenment?

Maharishi: Compassion would be the result of that. The basic thing is pure consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness. The total energy and intelligence of Natural Law is the basis from which compassion, right feeling towards others, and helping thy neighbour all emerge. The main thing is one’s own level of consciousness. Through daily practice morning and evening, this becomes a natural habit of the mind, speech, and behavior. One is the cause and the other is the natural effect.

Question: How Silence Brings Peace and Progress

Dr Hagelin:
The question is about silence. In the West, at least, we consider silence to be the absence of noise: you stop the dogs from barking, and then it is silent; you close the windows from the traffic noise outside, and then it is silent. However, Maharishi seems to be saying that silence is something in and of itself—a power or a force, and not simply the absence of noise. This may sound like a simplistic question, but how does Maharishi define silence? How does the act of bringing silence into the field of politics bring peace and progress to the world?

Maharishi: Your question takes me to the process of creation. One thing is: total abstraction, unmanifest field, total field of Natural Law. That is called Puran. Puran is like the Unified Field. From there the Upapuran arises, the silent nature of Puran begins to gain some faint activity. This faint activity is the beginning of the Smriti, which is called “memory”. The unmanifest field has the memory of everything. That field of silence emerges in sequence. A faint something becomes more and more gross there.  

The sequence of it is in terms of eighteen. This is very well defined in the Vedic literature. There are eighteen Puranas—eighteen values of the unmanifest. This is science of the unmanifest, science of Nirgun Nirakar, science of self-referral consciousness. Those eighteen kinds begin to rise in the memory of their specific character. So there are eighteen steps of emergence of the memory from the Puran, the one, flat ocean of consciousness, unmanifest field, self-referral Unified Field.  

I would remind you of that one word that Dr Hagelin said: “sequential”. Now this is the commentary of that sequence. How does unmanifest—totality, infinity—manifest? It manifests in sequence. And those sequences are called Upapuran, and then Upasmriti, and then Smriti, and then Shruti. They are repeatedly eighteen in number. It is very well defined in the Vedic Literature.  

This is the sequential evolution of unity into, eventually, diversity. Diversity is there, where the transcendental reality is on the basis of the five senses of perception: it is heard, seen, touched, tasted, and smelled. So from complete transcendence, there are eighteen steps of Puran, eighteen steps of Upapuran, eighteen steps of Upasmriti, eighteen steps of Smriti, and eighteen steps of Shruti. These are sequential. The word “sequence” is most important in the Vedic Literature because that is how the unmanifest manifests.  

What is most important for us is what is coming now. When we go to the field where everything is possible, the unmanifest, then we have to start from the Shruti level, then go to the Smriti level, to the Upasmriti level, to the Upapuran level, to the Puran level. They are very well defined—eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, and eighteen. And there are other sequences also of twenty-four, twenty-four, twenty-four, or twelve, twelve, twelve—very well defined.

This is the science of life, the science of consciousness, and one has to go through that.  Our meditation is from gross to the subtle, and subtler. It is from Shruti—“that which is heard”— from hearing, to memory, from memory to finer and finer memory—eighteen steps of memory. Then eighteen steps of memory get onto eighteen steps of the Upapuran, then eighteen steps of Puran and then Atma. “Atma” is defined as Shivam Shantam Advaitam—that is, total silence.  

Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation and advanced techniques, the awareness proceeds on, step by step. The word is “sequentially”—sequentially opening itself to finer and finer stages of creative intelligence, and finer and finer levels of intelligence and energy until eventually it reaches that field that is no more now in sequence. It is in itself—completely the natural, eternal Unified Field. That is defined in terms of Total Knowledge. The nearest word to it is Being, and then all these stages of becoming.  

Our mind associates itself with finer and finer levels, and ultimately, is open to the complete, flat, unmanifest field—the self-referral Unified Field which is self-sufficient. Self-sufficient in what? It is self-sufficient in its own perfection.  
When we come to this perfection, there is a beautiful expression in Vedic literature: “Purnat Purnam Udachyate”—the whole flow is the flow of fullness. That actually is defined, ultimately, as the nature of life. In the same way we define the ultimate nature of every part of the tree as the flow of sap. It is just the sap, the flow of sap. As flow of sap, it expresses itself, and then dissolves itself to change and change. At every step of change, there is newness coming again and again.  

The Science of Veda defines that newness in the importance of sequential evolution. In order for the mind to become familiar with this, it’s only a matter of experiencing in sequence. The practice is for taking our awareness in sequence to fathom reality of a finer and finer nature until in the end, we experience it itself. Then there is no action; it’s all silence.  

This is profusely sung in terms of Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, Lakshmi and all those. The whole literature of Vedic Science is full of very clear and completely uncluttered expressions to reveal the principles and unfold the practice. We are going to make this available to all our children for all future.  

That is what these Rajas will be trained to have in schools, colleges, and universities. All this Total Knowledge will be used for health, agriculture, defence, economy, politics, administration, and for everything.  

The basic knowledge of the Unified Field, in principle and in practice, will be made available to all our children. In the ten or twelve years of student life, they will become enlightened citizens of their nation. Then there will be permanent peace on earth.  

It is not an idea. It is a very practical programme that is going to create a very happy, fulfilling world.  



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